Saturday, April 14, 2012


Back in March I took a trip to Costa Rica to check out all the art and design festivals and one day I stumbled upon the crew from "De mi barrio a tu barrio" project. This project, sponsored by the Goethe institute from Germany aims to support street art in Latin America and together with German Painter Jim Avignon is touring some countries and painting murals with local artists... So I met Jim and Ben in Costa Rica and showed them my portfolio...they loved it and invited me to be part of the project in Guatemala so I returned a bit earlier from my trip in Costa Rica to be part of this amazing project...  So along with 12 other artists from Guatemala we started to paint a 150mt long wall in the Historic center of Guatemala from March 18 to March 20...three full days of hard core painting and we finished!!!
Guate + Arte = paz (543), the aim of my mural is to encourage people to express themselves through art and to make street art part of their life instead of seeing it as a bad thing related to gangs. We all need some art in our lives and if we learn to appreciate it and embrace it, changes will happen in our community, good changes, changes of peace. Mas fotos aquĆ­.

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