Sunday, February 20, 2011


It has been a while since I posted new things here. Life has taken me through a different road and I have lost my way a bit and haven't drawn as much as I used to. I have spent 7 months looking for inspiration in a new country where art is almost nonexistent and people all look the same to me so been struggling with the sketchbook until Muxxi invited me to be part of this Post Mortem project. A collaboration between Muxxi, Reggalado, Andre Gribble, Zapato Verde and me. All Guatemalan illustrators. So here's my collaboration and below you'll see the finished piece, joined and merged by Muxxi.

I was a bit distracted during that time so had to re-do my part a couple of times but finally I got it kind of right. From left to right, me, Zapato, Reggalado, Andre and Muxxi. Girls first and boys in the middle!

Click to make bigger!

Thanks Muxxi for the invite and for all the patience.


Chinitas Yon said...


Emily said...

Your part is so dreamy!
I hope you feel like drawing again now!

Unknown said...

Thanks Emily and China...I'll definitely try to post more...stay tuned 'cause new comics and painting are coming soon

chrishoneybee said...

We miss you very much (even if you don't suspect about some of your fans existence :D)

You know what? I love your drawings so much, that I even decided to print some of your illustration (if you don't mind of course) on a T-shirts to wear them every time I need some fresh energy and inspiration! :)

I wish you all the best, to re-charge your creative energy and start drawing again!

Unknown said...

Hey Chrishoneybee! thanks for the comment, so very flattered... send me some photos of your t-shirts, would like to see how the art ended up and it would be cool to do a post on them... =)

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