Monday, February 8, 2010


Artists United for Haiti was an exhibition conducted by the Lody Project to help the Disaster Relief efforts of Haite. Artists around the world united and helped by donating an unframed work on paper, all artwork was sold at $25 that went go directly to to Mercy Corps and designated to the immediate relief of the Haitian people.

A friend from Canada sent me the info and of course I was happy to help so I looked within my portfolio, found a piece I liked, printed it, painted over it and sent it. The exhibition was on February 5th, in the Lody Project Gallery, Raleigh NC. They sold tons of works and collected $10,310! Pretty cool right. Just a way how artists can come together and do something great with their talents.

First exhibition of the year for a good cause, love it!


Jen Valvert said...

Felicitaciones!!!!, siempre es bueno empezar el año con una buena causa....te quedo re bien la ilustracion!

Unknown said...

Gracias es cierto, comenzar con una buena causa no tiene precio..jajaj

René Ayerdi said...

Muy bonito Bara!!!
Me gusta el color :D

Unknown said...

very cool!


Unknown said...

Gracias Rene e Isadora!

Eduardo said...

He visto unos por aqui en Revista Capiusa!

Unknown said... Eduardo..salio en la edicion animal... esta la hice como segunda version y pinte un poco a mano unas cosas. Gracias por pasar por aca

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