Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Even though I don't live in Guatemala doesn't mean don't try to help in whatever I can and now that one of our nicest lakes is dying I had to contribute somehow so I collaborated with Cyanomas Bacteria Festival, which is a festival in honor of the lake. It's all about art, there will be exhibitions, workshops, music and tons of other fun stuff around the lake and at the end, all the funds will go directly to try to save the lake. So, I made the logo, a poster and a banner for the festival.

The idea of the logo was to put kind of a bacteria which is killing the lake and everything is green because this it the color the lake is turning into because of it.


René Ayerdi said...

Qué bonito te quedó Ale... Felicidades!!!! :) :) :)

Unknown said...

Gracias Rene...que no se te olvide ir al a estar buenisimo..y que mejor excusa para ir a pana...jajaj

Chinitas Yon said...

excelente trabajo Bara

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