Thursday, November 12, 2009


Helping people and their communities in some kind of way is really important for me, I don't like giving money and have limited time to actually go and volunteer so the way I help is through design, it's basically volunteering because I don't charge anything for it, I do it whenever I can and people really appreciate it.

One of my latest projects was a t-shirt design for Frog, a nonprofit organization based in Washington D.C. and an affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association that provides assistance in the form of small grants and resources to support community driven projects that volunteers are involved in Guyana.

My contact at frog was Scott Stadum, he was really nice and really clear about what he wanted. It actually took us a while to start the project, first he was away and then I was away but as soon as we started it everything went along fine. what they wanted was something that represented Guyana so we put some important buildings, monuments and animals found in Guyana along with a tiny map of the country at the center.

This design will be used for shirts, mugs and other fund raising items in the future.

There's tons of ways to help your community and helping through design is one of them, if you are interested in volunteering this way you can find great opportunities at Designism Connects, it's fun and you learn a lot about other organizations, countries and people.

Also go to Frog website and learn more about them and while you're there check out the article Scott wrote about the project.

Thank you Scott!


nana said...

ala que genial !!!! aca ya tiene otro fan de su trabajo !!!! saludos !!!

René Ayerdi said...

Outstanding (así se dice??)... Que bonito te quedó... En playera verde pediría dos...

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

That is a great design!

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