Monday, February 2, 2009


One more time our work was selected to be part of Blanket Magazine's Issue 14 "Blue". This is once again a collaboration between Chinitas with her amazing pictures and myself giving some extra life to the photo with a little illustration...Love Chinitas composition and color sence in her pictures. Don't forget to download the magazine to check it out.

This is the second work we submitted which was not selected, although I like it better.


Chinitas Yon said...

me encanta tu nuevo personaje!

Súa Agapé said...

Congratulations Bara! Que simpático personaje... Espero llegue por estos territorios. Lo buscaré en el tráfico mañanero! :P Nice!

Sanjinez said...

que lindo ,saludos

oenlao said...

muy volado

Ana said...

I'm Brazilian but I write terrible in Spanish.
I've loved both of these.
Nice blogs you have!

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